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Writing for the creator of the Dukan Diet – Dr. Pierre Dukan

One of the most challenging things I’ve had to do in my career was work for Dr. Pierre Dukan as a ghost writer for his Dukan Diet books. If you’ve never heard of Dr. Dukan, then don’t feel like you’re missing anything. He’s a now famous French doctor who came up with a diet plan that enables you to lose weight quickly.Dr. Pierre Dukan

Dr. Dukan is famous over in Europe and now South America as well – especially in Brazil where they refer to his diet is Dieta Dukan. His diet plan works, but is not easy to stick with. For starters, it requires you to abstain from alcohol, like wine and beer, yet the book sub-title is a total oxymoron to this concept: “5 Million French People Can’t Be Wrong.” After all, aren’t the French the people that like to drink wine for breakfast, lunch and dinner?!

But lets put that aside for right now because what I really want to write about here is what it was like to be Dr. Pierre Dukan’s ghost writer. And really, I can put it in 2 simple words: NOT EASY! Don’t get me wrong, Dr. Dukan is a nice enough guy to share a glass of wine with, but is one of the hardest people I’ve ever had the privilege of writing for. Not only is he hard to understand (mostly due to his French accent), but he constantly tore my work apart…even though he was the one that told me what to write! WTF, right?!

Whatever! My point is that if you get the call that I did to be his ghost writer, I would seriously reconsider the offer. The pay is good and the material is interesting, but there’s a lot to put up with just to have your writing be used without you getting credit. But alas, that is the life of a ghost writer.

While I can’t say that I’ve ever tried the Dukan Diet, which you think would be a prerequisite for being the author’s ghost writer (right?!), I have tried many of the recipes that he had me write up in his other book: “The Dukan Diet Life Plan.” The Dukan Diet Life Plan Book

In comparison to my work on the original Dukan Diet book, this book was a breeze! I thought Dr. Dukan was going to micromanage the hell out of me, but instead he just let me do what I do best – write! That’s why you’ll find this book such an effortless read in comparison to the first book, because I finally got permission to simply write the way I felt the information would be best presented.

Some of the advice I added to this book was from Dr. Dukan of course (can’t take credit for all of it), and has made a difference for me when I did want to lose a couple of pounds. For starters, you’re not allowed to add any MSG to your food. Well, duh! That must be a problem in Brazil or France (LOL). You also are supposed to eat slower than usual, which helps you eat less food. The 3rd one was a hard one for me…no eating prior to bed. WHAT?! What about my midnight snack. No more. And, most importantly, and no surprise to anyone that’s read or tried the Dukan Diet, is that you have to include a source of protein in every meal. Ice cream has protein, right? 😉

Anyway, I’d still do it all again if Dr. Dukan called me up and asked me to be his ghost writer. I may complain about it here, but it was fun work and it was exciting to see my words in print and see it become a best selling book. Here’s where I take a bow and thank all my readers 🙂

Till next time,
Steven Almond